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Daily Updated Links to Online Games & the Occassional Review.

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Online game reviews and daily links.
XIX: Just a little idea...

A place for Critical .swf reviews.

The word critical is important.

Since LJ can now embed flash widgets and so on, I figure its worth trying to start a swf game review community.

I spend far too much time flipping through sites looking at other flash games when I should be writing my own, some of them are actually worth recommending for one reason or another. At the very least I want to keep links to some of them so I don't lose them :)

All this is much much easier than creating them after all.

This is a community, I intend for other people to post critical flash reviews, the only requirement is that they have produced some flash, preferably something that has previously been featured here :)

For the now this is probably going to be just me, I apologies for that.

shi: obviously, the previous poster is without the vision that there could probably be more in this world than just 'me'. i mean, i was even invited here aren't i? :)

to make this short, i only review games that i've tried to finish. or have finished. yes, you saw that right.

i suspect, from reviews that i read, that most game reviewers out there do not live by this code of conduct. which is pathetic really, seeing how it's their job and everything.

right then, as you were.
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